Famous Sapphires

Australia has produce some of the finest and largest gem quality sapphires in the world.

The Four Presidents Heads

Carved from Star sapphire found in Central Queensland. These are busts of the American Presidents Lincoln (1318cts), Washington (1056cts), Eisenhower (1444cts) and Jefferson (1381cts). A fifth bust of Martin Luther King Junior has also been carved from an Australian sapphire that originally weighed 4180cts and the finished weight of the carving is 3284 carats.

Reward Claim
Rubyvale, Australia
Commissioned by the Kazanjians

Abraham Lincoln 2302ct rough 1318ct carved
George Washington 1997ct rough 1056ct carved
Thomas Jefferson 1743ct rough 1381ct carved
Dwight Eisenhower 2097ct rough 1444ct carved
Martin Luther King Jr 4180ct rough 3294ct carved
Madonna of the Star 1100ct rough 545ct carved

The Centenary Stone

A 13.01 ounce (2020ct) yellow sapphire found in 1979 at Sapphire. It is believed to be the largest gem quality sapphire (for faceting) ever found. It was stolen in 1980 and recovered in 1986 and is believed to have been sold into the USA  for a multi million dollar figure.

The Tomahawk Tiger  found at Tomahawk Creek (above)

Black Star of Queensland
1,165 ct rough; 733 ct cut; black star sapphire. Found found on Klondyke Ridge in 1935 by 14 year old Roy Spencer and supposedly used as a door stop for many years by his father Harry Spencer. It was purchased in 1947 by the Kazanjian Brothers for almost $18,000 and cut in 1948

The Autumn Glory

Found at the Washpol in 1993 was originally 103.5cts. This superb oval brilliant yellow to orange sapphire has a cut weight of 30.25 carats. It has been conservatively valued at $300,000. "The Autumn Glory" disappeared when recently sent to the USA. It has still not been recovered, but investigations are continuing.

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